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Gundaker Super Bowl Squares FUN-Raiser

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Are you ready for a
Rotary Gundaker Foundation

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Los Angeles Rams

Cincinnati Bengals


that allows us to Make A Difference
in our Philadelphia Area Communities !!!

Super Bowl Squares Grid #1

Game Score

Square Number


Los Angeles



Los Angeles


Square WINNER !!!

!st Quarter                7               3                 7              3           Mary Ellen Mahan ($100)

2nd Quarter            13             10                3               0           Mary Ellen Mahan ($250)

3rd Quarter             16             20                6               0           Eric Rugart            ($400)

Game End               23             20                3               0           Cyndy Diegel            ($550)

Super Bowl Squares Grid #2

Game Score


Los Angeles


Square Number


Los Angeles


Square WINNER !!!

!st Quarter               7               3                  7              3           Keith Pacheco    ($100)

2nd Quarter           13             10                 3               0           Maureen Knabb ($250)

3rd Quarter            16             20                 6               0           Larry Smoose     ($400)

Game End              23             20                 3               0           Ray Swenson     ($550)

You can have FUN, WIN cash prizes and DONATE to our Rotary Gundaker Foundation IN THREE EASY STEPS. !!!

Help Us Make a Difference" in our Philadelphia area communities….IN THREE EASY STEPS. !!!

Start Playing NOW !!!

Prize Amounts

1st Quarter:

2nd Quarter:

3rd Quarter:

End of Game:





(For Completed Grids)

DONATE Button - Super Bowl Squares Donation.png
  • Click on the "Super Bowl Squares Donation" button above. You can donate to receive as many squares as you desire. $25 per square please.

  • Within 24 hours of your donation, a link will be sent to your email with instructions about how to select your Super Bowl Squares online.




Grid - Blank with lines - LIGHT GRAY.jpg

1. Donate/Purchase the Number of
    Squares You Want
(Only $25/square)

2. Pick Your Square(s) Location On The Grid
(Followup Email after purchase)

3. Watch the Game - HAVE FUN -WIN !!!

Different Winning Numbers
Each Quarter

Gundaker Super Bowl Square FUN-Raiser Rules

Grids and Squares

Squares and There is a total of 100 squares for donors to select per "grid". Each grid consists of 10 vertical columns of squares and 10 horizontal rows of squares.

When all squares on a Super Bowl grid are selected, each vertical column will be assigned a number and each horizontal row will be assigned a number. The numbers for the Cincinnati Bengals team will be vertical columns and the numbers for the Los Angeles Rams team will be horizontal rows.

Square Donations and Selections

To select squares online, donations can be made online via Paypal according to the instructions on the Gundaker website at Within 24 hours of the donation, a link will be emailed to the donor about how to select their squares online.

Four 4 Chances to WIN for each Square

Traditional Super Bowl square games provide only one set of numbers on the vertical and horizontal axis. Typically, if you get a square that has a lower probability of winning, you keep that number for the entire game.

However, to provide the opportunity for more/different winners, in this Gundaker Super Bowl Squares FUN-Raiser, the grid numbers will change for each quarter of the Superbowl game. Hence, participants will actually have 4 chances of winning with every square selection.

There will be four rows of numbers shown on both the vertical and the horizontal axis. These four rows correspond to the 4 different game quarters. i.e., rows and columns numbers change for each quarter.

Row and Column Number Selection

When all 100 boxes in the grid have been claimed and donation money received for all 100 squares, numbers will be randomly assigned to each row and column for all 4 quarters.

Prize Money

Total prize money will be based upon a 50%/50% split of donations for each grid.
Prize money for full grids assigned for each Super Bowl quarter will escalate as follows:

1st Quarter:  $100

2nd Quarter:  $250

3rd Quarter:  $400

End of Game:  $550


If all squares in a grid are NOT selected, prize money will be based upon the % of squares actually selected (for example, if only 50 squares are selected in the 100 squares grid, total prize money for that grid will only be 50% of that grids total donations.) Any squares left over after the Square Selection Cutoff Date will be owned by the Gundaker Foundation and no prizes will be awarded for those leftover squares.

Winning Square Selection

The last number in the Super Bowl score at the end of each period will determine the winning Super Bowl square.
Example #1: at the end of the 1st quarter, the game score is Cincinnati Bengals 7 and Los Angeles Rams 3. The winning square would be the square that corresponds to the intersection of the score for that Super Bowl quarter as shown below.

Example #2: If at the second quarter the game score is Cincinnatti Bengals 10 and Los Angeles Rams 14. The winning square would be the square that corresponds to the intersection of the score as shown below...

Grid Example 2.jpg

Winning Probability

Some combinations of numbers have a historically slightly higher probability of winning.  For example, the number 7 has a high percentage of winning because that is the score for a touchdown. Likewise, a 3 has a high percentage of scoring because of because that is a field goal score. The odds of winning based upon recent history can be seen at

Multiple Grids Available To Allow More Winners

To provide greater opportunities for winners, multiple grids may be created. When a grid becomes filled, a new grid will be started. This may ultimately result in an incomplete grid at the end of the program at which time prizes will be proportional to the number of squares selected overall for this final incomplete grid. It is suggested that participants donate early in order to assure they participate in a complete grid.


Players may be Rotary members, friends, family, total strangers, and/or anyone interested in helping the Gundaker Foundation "Make a Difference" in Philadelphia area communities.



Square Selection Cutoff Date

The Square Selection cutoff date/time is 12:00noon on February 13, 2022.

PA Compliance - No Charge Participation

In compliance with Pennsylvania state regulations, anyone may choose to participate at no charge. To qualify for this provision, you must send a stamped self-addressed envelope and letter requesting to play Gundaker Super Bowl Squares to the Gundaker Foundation, PO Box  812, Springfield, PA 19064-081. Entries must be delivered to this address by February 10, 2022. Limit of one square per letter per envelope. Upon receipt, you will be contacted and instructed on how to select a square. Please include name, email address, mailing address and phone number.

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