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How to DONATE !!!

THANK YOU for your interest in donating to The Gundaker Foundation.

There are several ways that Rotary Clubs, sponsors, and individuals can donate to the Gundaker Foundation’s matching grant programs that support our Community Service Projects, COVID-19 relief efforts, "Above Self" efforts and Vocational Education Scholarships.

Donations are easily accomplished via PayPal by clicking the appropriate DONATE button below.

You may also mail a donation check to the address below. If desired, you can include a "Donation Transmittal Form" as a record and receipt of your donation.

   Rotary District 7450 Gundaker Foundation, Inc
PO Box 812
Springfield, PA 19064-0812


Please review the short list of donation opportunities below and choose the category that best fits your generous desired donation area.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Gundaker Foundation President, Karen Mazzarella-Russo at, Cell: (610) 613-3841.

Gundaker Foundation Donation Opportunities


Community Service Project Donations:

These donations typically are provided by Rotary Clubs at the level of $10.00 per member per year and are paid collectively by each Club’s Treasurer.

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“GREAT Grant” Donations (COVID–19 Relief) Donations

The Gundaker Relief Emergency Assistance Team (GREAT) fund was established in 2019 to specifically support charitable non-profit organizations adversely impacted by the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. These donations typically come from Rotary Clubs at the level of $10.00 per member per year and are paid collectively by each Club’s Treasurer. Additional donations from other organizations or individuals can also be made to this fund.

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“Above Self” Donations

The Gundaker Foundation’s “Above Self” Funds (consistent with the Rotary International motto of “Service Above Self”) provides Rotary Clubs, non-Rotary organizations, groups and individuals the opportunity to donate any amount they may generously choose towards either Community Service Projects, Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic needs or Vocational Scholarships.

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Vocational Education Scholarships

The Gundaker Foundation provides educational scholarships to students enrolled in “vocational training” and/or “trade” schools.

These schools provide post-secondary hands-on education through occupational programs that give students real-world skills and experience, allowing them to immediately enter their chosen fields upon graduation.

You may also donate specifically to the Judson Education Foundation For more HERE.

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